Sunday, January 22, 2012

Instagram January Photo Challenge: Week One

Instagram has become my new favorite past time. Just ask Big Poot...sometimes he thinks he has lost me to my Iphone and that is only because I am on Instagram. It is addicting! If you have an Iphone come find me on Instagram, my username is ambercox.

I decided to join the January Photo-A-Day challenge and thought I would share them with you too. I usually take photos everyday, but I like the idea of having a theme. It has made me branch out a little on what I photgraph. I feel like I have captured our lives this past month in unique ways.

Here are my daily photos from Week One of the challenge:

Day 1: You

Day 2: Breakfast

Day 3: Something you adore

I have had Boomer since the day he was born. His little face just melts my heart!

Day 4: Letterbox

Our letterbox isn't that exciting to look at, so I took a picture of all the fabulous bills,etc we get in our letterbox. I do admit that I LOVE getting the mail everyday, but usually don't go through it until the weekend.

Day5: Something you wore

I wore my old RVA Holy Cute tshirt to yoga class!

Day 6: Makes you Smile

Wearing stripes and getting kisses from Poot!

Day 7: Favorite

Creating on a daily basis!

If I join in for a February photo challenge, I will post the challenges here in case you would like to join in!!


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