Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Instagram January Photo Challenge: Week Two

More photos from the daily Instagram photo challenge:

Day 8: Your Sky

I love this old tree in our front yard. He is home to a very large hoot owl that has woken me up at night on several occassions.

Day 9: Daily Routine

One of my favorite parts of my daily routine is actually putting on makeup. Is that strange??

Day 10: Childhood

My childhood days on the plantation...or maybe it was Universal Studios??

Day 11: Where you sleep

Our messy but super comfy bed. I rarely make it, except for on the days I change the sheets.

Day 12: Close Up

A close up of our fridge. It is covered in pictures and mementos.

Day 13: In your bag

I didn't want to actually take out the contents because it is full of junk. This makes it look organized.

Day 14: Something your reading

I have already finished If I Stay and am almost done with Fallen. Both are very good. I have been on a major reading kick lately. I would love to hear what you are reading right now!


1 comment:

Jamie said...

Putting on makeup is one of my favorite routines as well!! I'm reading "hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet" and loving it so far!