Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitten Love via Etsy

I recently happened upon some pretty amazing kittenwear on Etsy!! I need these added to my wardrobe soon...

This shirt makes me laugh out loud...seriously!!

This sweatshirt sums up how I feel somedays!

For days that I am feeling hip and trendy this shirt would be the bombdigity!

And this sweatshirt is the be all end all of kitten attire!

Your fellow Kitten Lover


Treehugger_31 said...

Oh so cute!

Oh Strumpets! said...

WHAT!? omg amber!!! now that I'm a crazy cat lady I NEED one of these hahahahaha! That first one is SO cute!!

Crazy cat lady moment: The other night Muffin didn't come in at her normal time and I started to freak out, ever tear up haha lord what has happened to me!!??! haha she came walking in late like it was no big deal - rotten kitten!

Abbigail Tornado said...

These are awesome! I just found your blog through

You seem like a cool lady!