Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thrifting Fool...

I love a good thrifting find, and I have come across a lot recently! My dear friend Kerry and I have an exciting announcement that we hope to unveil in the next month or so!! All I can say is that it involves thrifting and is something that I have dreamed of doing for a long time! Eeeee!!!

Here is a little peek into some of my recent finds:
*Found some cute plates to add to our growing collection of mismatched cuteness!
*Elton John album (and it has been on heavy rotation)
*Bald Eagle decanter for Poot
*Two "P" shot glasses for Two Poots

*Scored the most adorable jar to hold my favorite snack!

*This was strictly bought for the silly cover. I was shocked to find out I actually knew a song on the album!

*More plates and bedsheets...two of my favorite things to find!

*I pretty much squeeled like a little girl when I found this!

*Lots of vintage postcards! I love reading what people wrote to loved ones and see the postmark dates!

*Dad coffee mug, salt shaker, and a racoon planter!

I am trying to come up with standard posts I will be doing here, and I think there will definitely be one to show my thrifting finds! What have you thrifted lately?? Or what are you currently hoping to find??


chelseybell. said...

oh my gosh--that harry potter blanket is amazeballs!

the rest of your stuff is great too!

~kjirsten~ said...

Love all of your finds. I'm searching for a plant stand, a small bookcase to convert into a doll house for Alexis and her Blythes and of course my addiction of sheets. :-))

write in tights said...

Eep! So excited that all you girlies have blogs. I'm following you now. <3