Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Sunshine State

In late March I was able to go and vist by best bloggin buddy Becky! I had such a great time and felt right at home with Becky and her adorable family!!! I can't wait to go back for more crafting fun, late night Blythe doll primping, and the Taco Bus!
**Becky surprised me with a new Blythe doll that I named Frankie!! She is the one with the awesome pink hair. Now we have bestie Blythes! Lol!

I also did a little work on my first Blythe doll Aggie Mae. I was so nervous, but Becky calmed my nerves as I watched her take her dolls heads completely apart. I didn't think a little sanding of the face could do too much harm.
I also gave her some new eyelashes and freckles!

Went to Harry Potter world with Becky and Lauren which will get a post all of its own! Stay tuned!! So glad I was able to meet Lauren...what a cool gal! Hopefully she will be able to visit KC when Becky visits??? Fingers crossed!

Went to Downtown Disney and got some hats for Two Poots.

Did a small craft show with Oh Strumpets!.

Eli picked out the coolest mexican restaraunt for dinner, complete with acrobats! So awesome!!

Spent the day on the beach relaxing with lots of girl talk!
Took a boat ride over to Tarpon Springs for a delicious dinner and some gator watching!Eli is a pro and can spot them a mile away!

Thank you Eli for letting me have your room. Isn't his pillow the coolest??

Helped Eli with a new craft idea. Yep he is digging through the recycling with some tongs! Oh this boy is a doll and made me laugh lots.

Thank you Becky, Brian, Eli, and Lauren for making me feel right at home! What a great trip!! And I can't wait to come visit again! Miss you guys!


Velma said...

sounds like an awesome trip!!!!!

~kjirsten~ said...

What a fantastic trip. I am so glad that you were able to go. What fun memories. Eli looks like such a doll. Great pictures. How fun that Becky is coming to visit and maybe Lauren.

Hegemony77 said...

I agree with the previous comments :)
Great post, I love Blythe dolls too!