Thursday, May 10, 2012

Those Salvatore Boys...

have Kerry and I in a trance!!!

Who knew that a The Vampire Diaries would have us acting like teenage girls? Sending silly texts to each other? No not us.

Singing silly songs with your husband about vervaine? Nope not Two Poots.

Are you a fan?? We can't seem to get enough (well okay Big Poot is not a fan but sure does like to make fun and might I say he seems to know alot about the show! Ha!)

And of course Damon or Stefan?? Team Damom here at Poot manor!


1 comment:

Kerry said...

Guilty as charged!!! That picture- HA! We are silly!

And I would like to add that Keith has jumped on the bandwagon, just so we don't look like total losers-hehe! Though clearly he is not swooning over either Salvatore, haha!!!

Team Chuckles, er, I mean Damon, here as well! ;)