Monday, May 14, 2012

Our trip to Hogsmeade...

While visiting Becky in Florida we took a day trip to Orlando to visit Harry Potter World! Although the area itself is not that big in the park it was well worth it!! We managed to spend almost four hours there and then left! Ha!! When we said we were there only for Harry...we meant it!

It truely feels like you have stepped into Hogsmeade!

Butterbeer was even better than we imagined and we ending up treating ourselves to two frozen ones before we left!

I think I took a million pictures of the rooflines. I loved the snow and crooked chimneys!

The ride that winds your through Hogsworth was the most intense ride I have ever been on! I don't usually get sick on rides and I couldn't walk straight when we got off. My favorite part of the day was actually waiting in line for this ride. The entertainment through the castle is amazing!

We helped Becky pick out another wand to add to her collection...

I picked out the coolest quidditch tshirt...Harry Potter of course!

We also ended up running into the so very talented Heidi Kenney and her sister in law Amanda Kenney. Such sweet ladies and such a small world! Thanks to Instagram we were able to meet up! It was a dream come true for Becky!

It was truely a magical day!


Carrie said...

love the shirt! I want to go bad

write in tights said...

Yay! So cute!
I am on Goodreads. I'm terrible at keeping up with it! But, I hope to more over the summer. I think it's just Amanda Kenney over there. Let me know if that works. :)