Sunday, June 3, 2012

How does your garden grow??

Our gardens are up and growing!!! We have a couple different areas desginated for our veggies. Our front little garden is currently growing zucchini, basil, and tomatoes. Behind this little garden we have a strawberry patch that has doubled in size from last year!

Our potatoes are growing like crazy in our potato bags!! We ended up buying two more bags so that we could try growing sweet potatoes also. We had enough for a fourth bag, so we decided to use our huge Ikea bag (cut some holes in the bottom)!So far they seem to be growing! I can't wait to eat them!!! I am a huge potato lover.

Our second little garden area is a square foot garden. Honestly, the last couple of years we have tried growing things out of this and we haven't been successful. Only a few things seem to thrive in it! We are giving it one last try and really trying to test out different vegetables to grow here. This year we planted several herbs (cilantro, thyme, rosemary,mint),jalepenos, peppers, radishes, lima beans, beets, and lettuce. We have never been able to get lettuce to grow and this year we are having the same problem! I hear that lettuce is easy to grow, so any tips would be appreciated!!

So far the radishes, cilantro, lima beans, and peppers seem to like this little area. We did discover that we have a mole back again this summer and he is loving this area! Ahhh!!!! I am sure he isn't helping the matter. Is it strange that when I think of a mole I immediatly picutre the mole in Fantastic Mr. Fox? Ha! Love that movie so much!

We usually have a third area where we grow watermelon, but we have been too busy to get them planted. I am thinking it might be too late now?? And man fresh watermelon sounds so good right now!

I will keep you updated on how things are growing around these parts. How is your garden doing?? I am getting anxious waiting for those tomatoes and potatoes!! Grow....grow....grow!!!

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Anna said...

Congratulations on your beautiful garden!! Lovely strawberries! I just started a large pot of strawberries earlier in the spring, but we're not having a ton of luck. Our weather has been pretty wonky up here in MI this year. Maybe we'll have a few baby berries before the year is over. Love to see a garden growing!!