Sunday, May 12, 2013

Morning Rituals... Warm Lemon Water with Cayenne

Want to start you day out healthy? Need it to be quick and easy? Try adding warm lemon water with cayenne first thing when you wake up. Trust me if I can work it into my morning routine, anyone can! (Some say that I am NOT a morning person.. pshhh)

Now I am sure you are asking why?? Well check out some of these benefits:

**Aids in kickstarting the digestive system for the day
**Lemon juice helps flush toxins and unwanted materials out of your system (bye bye greasy cheeseburger!)
**Stimulates the liver
**Boost to your immune system thanks to the high levels of vitamin C found in Lemons!
**Balances PH levels inside our bodies which will reduce inflammation and pain
**Clears up skin thanks to the Vitamin C
**Provides energy and enhances your mood (which I need in the morning!)
**Aids in weight loss due to the high pectin fiber in lemons. This helps fight cravings!
**By adding Cayenne Pepper with the lemon it helps aid in digestion and raises your body temperature resulting in speeding up your metabolism. (if you don't think you can handle the cayenne pepper just omit it)

Here are some helpful tips when making your Lemon Water:

**The water needs to be warm. I usually set out a glass of water the night before next to my tea kettle. When I get up, I fill my regular sized mason jar half full with the glass of water from the previous night. Then while I brush my teeth and wash my face I turn my tea kettle on.

**Once my water has boiled from the kettle, I fill the remainder of the mason jar with my hot water. This makes the water luke warm, making it the perfect temperature.

**Use half of a fresh lemon (never lemon juice) and juice it into your warm water.

**Sprinkle with some cayenne pepper. Just a small amount is good, but I like mine a little spicy.

**Drink through a straw to keep the acid from the lemons away from your teeth.

**Drink this on an empty stomach and wait at least 10 minutes after consuming before you eat anything.

Enjoy knowing that you have just started the day out on the right foot. I find that by starting out with my lemon water, I tend to make healthier choices throughout my day!


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