Saturday, May 4, 2013

Clean Eating Basics

When I decided to take that leap towards getting healthy, Clean Eating seemed to be the most logical "diet" to incorporate into my daily life. I had been reading several articles in regards to added preservatives in food and their effects on our bodies and watched Food, Inc. These really started to put a bug in my ear when I would do my grocery shopping. I immediately decided to stop drinking soda. I was not a heavy soda drinker, but I would have at least one Dr. Pepper a day, and then of course, get a very oversized fountain drink on the weekends!! I thought that giving it up would be hard, but that was almost two years ago and I do NOT miss it all. In fact the thought of drinking it at all makes me ill! This was my first step to Clean Eating, but it took up until a few months ago to be fully on board.

So what is Clean Eating???

It is actually pretty straight forward. Avoid processed food, preservatives, additives (Ie: boxed food),artificial flavors, colors, and added sugars, and focus on eating unprocessed whole foods (Ie: lean meats, whole grains, fruits, and veggies).

I also try to limit my intake of dairy by only eating non-fat greek yogurt, almond milk, and small amounts of cheese (mainly goat and feta).

Once you stop eating these convenient foods that grocery stores and commercials are constantly shoving in our face you really don't miss them. Eating clean really is easy and doesn't have to be hard on the wallet. Here are some helpful tips to make Clean Eating less of a burden on your wallet:

**Shop your local Farmers Market. This is a great way to find the freshest and most local produce and meat!
**When grocery shopping, shop the perimeters of the store. I rarely venture into the middle of the store anymore, which makes my shopping trips much quicker.
**Shop weekly ads. I always try and plan my meals around what meat, veggies, and fruit are on sale that week.
**Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season.
**Plan ahead and prep for the week so that you aren't tempted to just grab something on the go** I can't stress this enough, and you will hear me talk about it again and again! You have been forewarned!

Do your research. It's time to take control of your health! There are tons of articles out there on Clean Eating and some very informative documentaries (most can be seen on Netflix...Yay!). Some of my favorite documentaries are:
**Food, Inc
**Forks over Knives
**Hungry for Change
**Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Also, one of my favorite blogs is Food Babe. This girl really does her research and is such an inspiration.

I can honestly say that since adhering to Clean Eating I feel amazing! I plan on posting some yummy recipes in the weeks to come. Recipes that are on heavy rotation here at Poot Manor and that are Two Poot approved! Ha!

Just remember:

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ~Buddha

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. ~Jim Rohn

If the body be feeble, the mind will not be strong. ~Thomas Jefferson



MaDonna Flowers said...

You should post an average meal plan for a week!

Meg said...

I've discovered taking time on Sunday to get veggies and fruit chopped and cleaned really helps during the week when I need a snack. The kids even grab for them more than other stuff. I'd love ideas for breakfast and lunch!

Alexandria Nolan said...

Ahh, love the quotes! And those are some of the documentaries that we watched to shape our diet and health decisions!
Proud of you!
(and hey, you need to e-mail me back Miss thang!!)