Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fail to plan...Plan to Fail...

I am a planner.

Just ask Poot. I am always making lists of things that in his eyes are way too long (and if I am being honest they are). I have learned over that past year, with the help of Scott, that I don't have to try and do it all in one day. So now my lists are more for the week in general, instead of one day.

When we decided to change our eating habits and to start exercising again, I knew that if I didn't plan ahead I was going to fail. Life gets busy. Life can be messy at times, and the first thing to go is cooking a healthy meal or getting that workout in. This means that every weekend we plan out our meals for the week. Breakfast, lunches, and dinners. We rarely eat out anymore, so to keep us from wanting to run through a drive-thru to pick up dinner... we HAVE to plan. By knowing what we are cooking every night, I am able to get things ready ahead of time if needed. It also ensures I have all ingredients on hand.

We also always pack our lunches for work. It saves us money and keeps us on track! Lunches usually consist of leftovers from meals the night before, salads, or chicken, egg, or tuna salad.

There are days when I feel like I am taking everything but my kitchen sink to work and that we are keeping Ziplock and Rubbermaid in business, but it is worth it.

The same planning is a MUST when scheduling my workouts. I am the worst at coming home and finding something else to do. Isn't it funny how cleaning a toilet sounds better then going to the gym? Getting there is the hardest part, but once I am there I don't usually want to leave. Since I like making list, I utilize the good ol' fashion day planner. I picked up a couple of cute ones in the Target clearance section to help map out my weeks. I keep a separate one for fitness, and kind of use it as a journal too. I keep track of:
*what i did at the gym
*how many calories were burned
*monthly measurements
*weekly weigh ins
*and my WW points (when I was still counting them)

** The stickers indicate when I worked out. It makes me feel like I am back in grade school getting my gold sticker for the day**

With our upcoming road trip, I plan to continue on my workout schedule. I sat down over my lunch break and was able to map out my workout schedule for the entire month of June to hold myself accountable! I don't like canceling my workouts, so if something needs to be shifted or moved around for a unexpected event, I am able to do so.

Fail to plan, plan to fail! It really is true! All it takes is just an hour or so a week to get yourself mapped out and you are on the road to success!

How do you hold yourself accountable? Do you schedule your meals for the week and workouts? I would love to hear some different tips,etc.



Catherine Holman said...

You're truly amazing honey!

Sally said...

LOVE the organization. JF and I were just talking about how we need to get back into meal planning mode.
I absolutely love your planner(s) and stickers. We could be bff for sure!

Alexandria Nolandia said...

Ahh,, I really need a good planner. I'm more of a list maker... like "To Do: Walk Dog, Do Legs, Crunches and headstands." A planner would be much more effective!

Laura Suedbeck said...

I REALLY need to get a physical planner. I love all your stickers! I usually go off an electronic calendar but there's always something more satisfying about actually writing things down for some reason.

You are also SO right about planning. Looks like you guys are rockin the Meal planning which is awesome!! Set yourself up for success!!

~kjirsten~ said...

That is awesome Amber! I am a list maker but scheduling it all out on a calendar is a great idea! I need to get back to meal planning. For a year we did real well. Then I got preggers with Jensen and my craving took over. He is now three months and we are still not on a schedule and find ourselves going through a drive thru every now and then and it makes me sick. Just the thought of it makes me so mad at myself. I need to better prioritize my day so I can fit this in on top of raising 4 children and keeping up a household. :-/ It can be done. It's just that the 3rd season of PLL was just released on Netflix. Lol. It's taking up my "free" time.