Thursday, June 13, 2013

Forward from the Heart Guest Post: Pilates Love

What is Pilates and why should you do it?

Pilates is an exercise that balances the development of the body through core strength, flexibility, joint health and awareness to promote efficient movement. As a student of Pilates you will learn how to carry your body correctly in order to get through your day with more strength and less aches and pains. Pilates strengthens and tones muscles without added bulk to give students a longer, leaner look. If you are looking to lose inches while gaining strength and flexibility, Pilates is it!

Why I love Pilates

Doing Pilates regularly has helped me to stand and sit correctly, giving me the best posture of my life. My abs are defined enough that I feel comfortable in form-fitting clothing and even a bikini! I have never liked my thighs and always avoided wearing shorts, but since doing Pilates my legs have become trim enough that I wear even short running shorts! The classical Pilates work follows a specific order and progression that helps me to stay focused and reach my goals.

Why I love teaching Pilates

Teaching the classical Pilates work on the mat and equipment gives me the ability to train every one from physically fit athletes to those rehabbing injuries to people in their 90’s. While it is very fun and rewarding to see my strongest clients do the advanced work, it is just as rewarding to see a student that has never been able to sit with proper alignment finally do so because we have worked to strengthen their core.
It makes my day when a student tells me that they are walking taller, experiencing an absence of chronic pain, or sleeping better thanks to the work we do together. The Pilates work can change your life and I love that I can teach people the proper way to do the exercises.

**Sally blogs about Pilates and other forms of fitness, as well as nutrition, wellness, family and fun at Forward from the Heart. She is a fitness studio manager and, in addition to teaching Pilates, teaches Yoga, Cross Training, and Piloxing. I met Sally through Instagram and now we just need to actually meet up in person. Taking a Pilates class from her is in my near future. I can't wait!**

Thanks Sally for sharing your love for Pilates on the blog today!

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