Thursday, December 3, 2009

Handmade Christmas Gifts

Just wanted to drop in and show you what I worked on yesterday. I can't show everything I made because some of the recipients read my blog. I have decided I craft my gifts like I shop for my gifts. I would make something for a loved one and then make me something. That might be why I didn't get as many people marked off my list as I had hoped!!

I made myself this:

I made several more that I can't show for now!

And I also made these little cuties for the little ones in our family:

*I used the owl pattern from the RVA Autumn Online Class*

Yesterday I also received this in the mail:

I am wanting to start collecting viewfinder reels and set this out in our living room for our frieds to enjoy! I loved looking through them! It even came with a slide of old New York pictures!!

How is your Christmas preperation coming along? Are you doing a handmade Christmas?

Happy Thursday!!


Jamie said...

Oh , I love your owls!!!! I still haven't made anything from the class yet. I want to make a bunch of gifts and definitely need to get started on that next week!!!! I made 15 cutie ornaments for friends this weekend tho!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Diana said...

adorable! the owls, too!

I know what you mean about presents being shown off on blogs. I have a couple readers who may be seeing them. i'm sure your friends will love your stuff!

Tailored Trash Queen said...

That top is awesome! I love it! I have waited too long to do everything handmade for Christmas but I will be giving some aprons away. :) I am working on Christmas tops for my girls right now ( and still have 2 more aprons to do for that order ). Love ya and can't wait to see more pics of what you've done after Christmas!

Violet Bella said...

so cute, great job! that is what i was doing yesterday too! ill try to get some photos, but some i cant post as well :)

Carrie said...

Love the shirt! Where did you find the view master I have been looking for one!

Catherine Holman said...

You're amazing honey! Pretty impressive if I do say so myself. I really don't know how you get so much done and work too.

Amber said...

Carrie- I actually found the viewmaster on ebay and it came with the discs too. There are several on there and a lot that have the "buy it now" option. I loved that this one was brown!!

Mom- Thanks!! I learned by watching you all these years:)Love you!!

Violet Bella said...

yeah, im so glad you are a part of it! i looked on the flickr pool and saw a bunch of your images, i am assuming you did it last year? it is already so much fun and class hasnt even begun, sooooo excited!!!

Jenni said...

Those owls are the cutest thing ever!!! I LOVE THEM!

Ali said...

I LOVE your gifts! Glad to see a cute KC blog!

SJ said...

Those little Owls are such sweet gifts! I love the shirt you DIYed. So adorable!

Allison Drew said...

Cute cute!! I love that top!