Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuneful Tuesday... Incubus

I have loved Incubus for years! I don't think I will ever tire of seeing them live and I always have their music on my playlist! And well lets face it... Brandon Boyd is pretty easy on the eyes!!

I think this song will always be my favorite of theirs:

This one is a close second:

They recently released their new album If not now,when?,and I have read a lot of criticism about it, but of course had to get it! I understand that some are upset because the album is alot softer and doesn't sound like their old stuff, but I love it! It is different and I love to see them branching out in new directions. Don't get me wrong though their older albums Make Yourself and Morning View will always be in my top 10 albums!

But the title track to their new album is beautiful...

I highly recommend downloading the album today! What have you been listening to lately??


Becky Farley said...

oh man he totally is dreamy :)
Always have loved his red tattoos on his arms <3

miss teacups. said...

this is SO weird because stellar and are you in are MY two favourite songs. incubus is my absolute favourite band and i was so happy to see this post!! they get forgotten sometimes...and some people don't even know who they are *psh* but i absolutely adore them. if you ever get to see them in concert, go...they're INCREDIBLE!!!!

miss teacups. said...

& yes, brandon boyd is a TOTAL babe....

~kjirsten~ said...

Okay so my first comment didn't post.

Oh Sweet Brandon! <3
I love me some Incubus!
I like their new song. You can't ever replace Brandon's voice.
Thanks for sharing girl! I am out of the music loop so I will have to look into this one for sure!! ;))