Monday, February 6, 2012

Birthday Celebrations: Part 2

Poot organized a little get together at Poot Manor this past weekend. He made us three different soups to enjoy before we headed out to a roasting of the movie The Room. If you have not heard of this movie I highly suggest you look up some clips on youtube! It is so ridiculously bad it is funny!

**You must bring lots of spoons to watch The Room**

**My brother brought some fancy Spanish cheese and wine to enjoy!**

**My friends Dawn and Patrick made me the most awesome gluten free Tommy Weiseau cake (He is the actor,director,writer, and producer of The Room .) We are serious about this! Lol!**

**Our best Tommy faces**

**The aftermath of the spoon throwing**

**We classed up the movie a little with a bucket of PBR**

Check out all the loot I got!!!

**Cute new sweatshirt, purse, wine, and a gluten free cookbook!**

**The most adorable napkin holders ever thanks to Kerry!**

**Vintage books to add to our growing collection for our someday lil pootlet and vintage sheets for our daybed from Kerry!!**

On my actual birthday, my poor Poot had to have a wisdom tooth removed so we had a dinner out at The Outback and browsed Barnes and Nobles before heading home to cuddle and catch up our dvr!

Here's to an amazing year!!! It is going to be a great one!!

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