Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January Instagram Photo Challenge: Week 5

The last photos from the January photo a day on Instagram!

Day 29: Inside your fridge

**It was so full of lots of leftovers...Yikes!**

Day 30: Nature

**Our backyard**

Day 31: You, again

**Last day of being 34!**

I really enjoyed this project. Even though I take pictures pretty much everyday with my Iphone, I liked having a challenge. So glad to have a new challenge for February!



miss teacups. said...

i love the february one too! it's fun to do and nice to have something small to look forward to during the day.

plus i'm mega obsessed with instagram so i love seeing everyones photos anyways but especially those who are also doing the project!

Charlie said...

Your fridge is so organized and full of good things! I wish my fridge looked like that :).

Heather Belle said...

Your fridge is so... organized! Haha it makes me feel guilty about mine!
I'm super excited about the February challenge too, as I didn't get to do Januarys :(


Treehugger_31 said...

Wow. I'm hoping that you organized your fridge before you took that pic. Otherwise I will have to feel really bad for the way mine looks right now! Lol.

Amber said...

Heather Belle are you on instagram? If so what is your username? I will start following ya!

Also...have no fear my fridge rarely looks like this. It was just so full that if I didn't organize it the door wasn't going to shut! Ha!