Monday, June 3, 2013

June Ab Challenge

My sweet friend Alexandria from Greetings from Nolandia posted a challenge this week on her blog! It seems that these days challenges are what I need to stay motivated, so I am jumping in!

Here are the rules (and they are simple!):

Starting today (I started Saturday, June 1, but just start today and go for 30 days), decide on a number of crunches you want to do. Each day add 5 more to that total! It is as simple as that! And yes that means crunches every day for 30 days!! Hello fit tummy!!

For me, I am starting out with 30. That might seem low, but by June 30 I will be doing 175 crunches! Being the list maker and planner that I am I wrote out how many crunches I need to do each day, and I mark it off once completed!

So who is in? If you are please leave a comment below. I would love to check in with everyone after you complete the challenge!

How about some inspiration to get you crunching...

And this one because we all need some humor in our lives...

Are you ready to get crunching???


Alexandria Nolandia said...

haaha! I love the Most interesting man in the world meme! xx

Sally said...

I am totally in! I love a good fitness challenge :)

~kjirsten~ said...

I'm in!